3 tips for how to make sure you complete "Important but not Urgent" tasks

Choosing the right task what you do now (or decide, when) is the most hard part of planning. Take a look on this diagram:

  1. Important and urgent: it is very simple. You must do. Now. No question. There was an accident, someone got hurt: you has to bring in hospital. Not tomorrow, now. This is an urgency case. But other things can be falling in this category if you don't plan carefully. Making not important thing and procrastinating important things for the last minute can cause big stress. The goal should be to avoid this situation! How? To plan carefully the important, but not (yet?) urgent tasks.
  2. Important but not urgent: this tasks tend to be always postponing. Why? Because that had maybe no deadline, or it is somewhen in the future. We can find other most interesting things to do and thinking, that we don't have to work on this task now.
  3. Urgent but not important
  4. Not important, nor urgent tasks

About this two category will I write in an other post.

3 tips to avoid the stress caused by not urgent but important tasks waiting to do

  1. For little task, dedicate a project, named "procrastination list". Find a time frame for this project every week. Plan an hour or how much you would like to working on this list. Keep the list by hand, and write everything here what falls in your mind. If the times come, do not care about any other thing! Even not your urgent tasks. Pick any task from the list and start doing. If the time is over, stop. List goes to rest until the next week.
  2. If the things are long term projects, you can schedule for each of them a day. Decide, how long you will be working on that project, and do this! Very important to make good notes and task list, not to forget what you started. To make more clear, on what I'm thinking, my "Task of the Day" are: working on my homepage, bookkeeping, dyeing yarn.

  3. Use markers every time you reschedule a task. First one point, second two points (or what you like), if you reach 5: make a decision. Do it now. Or cancel. Or find someone who can do it. Of course it makes no sense to plan a task, if you are not able to do it on that day. 

I wish you more success to finishing every important tasks!

Happy planning!