A day what started as a disaster and getting worse, but finished very well

After a busy day, what wasn't successful

I started a day, what already at the beginning (as I wrote on FB) didn't seem promising.

You know: priority. If my daughters's brace falls out, than bringing her to dentist springs to the top of the list. No one cares about what I plant before. I worked some before I went to school. We agreed to meet on the street at 9:50, but she didn't come. I have waiting some, that started too looking for her. No one known, where she is. After 20 minutes my other daughter find her on the playground. (It was break.) Dentist, came home, eat something, then I started to make my tasks. I marked what really important and urgent is and what not too much time need. Yes, if all tasks are like this, which one should I start with??? Ok, make phone calls. I asked a mother of a friend of my smallest daughter, when will be his birthday party, because I left the invitation (why isn't that in my Filofax??? - good question....). Ok, I have one and a half hour to get a gift for him. Drive again, mission completed. Back to my Filofax. I was so tired, I had so terrible headache. I thought, this day can't be worst. But. It. Can. There was no internet! But I was no more angry, I made only resignated what I could. I told myself, I make what I can, and that is all, I can. Why should I be angry about the other things? I started a film, and working by that. You can say, I'm crazy??? Yes, maybe. Of course I didn't have to make math or writing an artikel. I made advertisement, and such things. Seeing a film when I'm in such circumference can the film my thoughts distract from feeling angry or sad. I done everything except 2 things, but they are not important (they are in the "I wish do it" category).

Almost everything done

At the evening I have language course, I didn't have too much mood to go, but I left. I meet with an other hungarian women, what was fun, and as we talked each other, came a man and bowed us. He was also hungarian, and was going to an other course. This little thing made me happy. The course is also always something, what I don't want before (8 PM is too late for me to go out), but it is so much fun, that at the end I'm less tired as before. So I came home happy. I write the post at the evening, but I'm tired enough to give pictures to the post only tomorrow...
Bye :)

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