Simplify! 4 tips for using flags in your planner

Flags are fun and useful tools in planning.
I have my flags from Sigel. Flags are very eye-catching, and most important: removable, thats why reusable. Why would you write things again and again? Why would you waste paper to re-plan something, if you need it? Use flags, if you have to do the same things more time, if you need something to outstand or if the schedule can change.

1. Things that I have to do often - I keep them on my dashboard. What I'm using often: laundry. My washing machine is in the basement, and I can so quickly forgot, that I started it... Flag comes to my daily page. It has a bright color, won't be hide between other to do-s!

2. Things I have to do again and again - Hair dyeing is every 4 weeks. If I done, I replace my flag for 4 weeks later.

3. To wait. I started a task, but I'm waiting someone else. Here: I wrote an e-mail, I wrote on the flag also, when. It is shifted all days, and if I don't get an answer in an appropriate time, I can ask after.

4. Planning. In an ideal life I would do things in that time as I planned for the first time. But the real life works other. Here you can see my planning for the year, for different topics, as knitting, pattern writing, etc. Flags give me the chance for re-plan.