We tend to be make things complicated. But why? Something don't goes well for you? Try to find out how to simplify!

For one of my daughter was always a problem to place the used clothes to hamper. Clothes was on the floor. I bought here a hamper to her room. I made simpler for her to get the clothes in the right place. I wanted to try some coffee brands, and only buy next time, what I liked. I didn't remember, which I loved. Next time I cut out the name from the packing and glued on the box with a post it. I can write here, if I liked or not.
Ask a question from you: why I cannot do this? What makes this thing hard to make? And find a solution what help.
You have little kids and the bring they toys to the living room. You want a nice living room without kid stuff. It is really so important? Buy some boxes and put every toy at the end of the day in them. If it is full you can bring them back to child's room.

7 tips to planning:

  1. flags 
  2. post its
  3. routines - on laminated inserts
  4. filing
  5. trying not to be perfect
  6. laminated checklists
  7. finding the place

I will write detailed post about these in the next days.

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