You don't need to have the perfect planner and inserts to start using a planner

Starting a planner system is not too simple. You can learn from others, how they do, but you have to find your way. When you start you might don't know, what you want. If you wait for the perfect inserts and system, you won't be never start.

You don't have to be perfect!

Use what you have, and try out more things

Starting is the most important!

Here I tried out a new layout, because I wasn't happy with my daily planning layout. This is also not so good for me.

You want to start a to-do list? But you didn't have any by your hand? Use notepaper for it. 

My "Tutorial ideas" in my blog planner. Not too sophisticated. But I wanted to write it down. If I would looking for the perfect blog planner, or creating my own, I might forget all.


I didn't made dividers for this sections (yet). I used, what I had, and wrote on a washi tape the name of the section. I will make it later. 

Until you are not sure what sections you want, make no final dividers! This is my projects planner - I'm working on the setup yet. It seems chaotic, or not? 

If you don't have divider by hand, use a notepaper and a tab. If you don't have a tab, use a flag or post it.

Make drafts

Before I worked out how I will my yearly plan, I made this drawing on simple Filofax notepaper. 

Be eco

A fals printing, a little bit smaller as has to be. But why should I throwing off? I use it.

If I don't used both side of an insert, I save it for later for making notes.

Lets do it

I planned to make nice stickers with the weeks for a long time. I didn't had time for it. It is better to writing on a not so nice post it, as not doing it.

Stop to looking after the perfect system, just start your not-perfect!

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