My planners

Why I use planner instead of calendar and notebooks? I say always, I need everything in the same place. Funny, but I have three planners. :D

Let me introduce my favourite: 

Kikki.K Large lilac

This one is which comes with me everywhere. Calendar, planner section, notes and infos live in.
Pro: It looks nice, so feminin. Contra: I don't need the pockets. It takes lot of place from me.

Filofax Finsbury A5

This was my first one. As I realised, that I need a Filofax, I started to look after MY FILOFAX. I wanted one, that lays flat. Not too expensive (who knows, may it is not for me?) and I found this on the Amazon. For couple month it was enough. I saw: it works for me. Finsbury was getting fat, I need another one! And not black, something funny, so I bought my second, lets see in the next chapter :)
There are infos, and notes, they I don't need always.
Pro: quality, simplicity, Filofax. Contra: color, pockets.

Filofax Domino, hot pink

Second one. My brain said to me: you are not normal to buy a second one! But I need! A color one! Ok, than it should be something simple. I used that for a while as my main planner, but as I saw the Kikki.K, I couldn't resist. No problem, now is none of my planners fat. Projects are in this planner, very comfortable.
Pro: it is slim: no unnecessary pockets. Bright color. Contra: Maybe that is no leather? But who cares?

I would be happy to see your planner(s) too on Facebook.
Happy planning!

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