The Daily Review

It would be to do at the evening to know what is waiting for you tomorrow. But I'm not able to. I'm making it always mornings.

Lets see, what I have done and leave yesterday:

I have to make corrections on the planner, and make the Thank you promo. I use these markers here:

Take a look on weekly plan. I marked with highlighter what I already done. Two things are what I have to do. See the Fata Morgana release? I know it, that I won't have time to do it, it is not in my Monday plan...

For Purple Caramel (this is a pattern) test I have a checklist, laminated, I can re-use it later. This can I find in my 17 folder system by this week. A test runs more weeks, I only have my eyes on it, answer, correct if there is something. I checked the list, I have nothing to do now with it.

This is the miscellaneous weekly to do list. I could pick some to do-s from here and write to the Daily Plan, but for now, I leave it so, and I scheduled time for working from this list.

And what I got for today. It seems a little bit too much, but we will see. Can you see the little dot by the Thank you promo? It means, that I have rescheduled it already once. I have to start with it...

How do you do your Daily Review?

Happy Planning!

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