Project Planner - for what???

I got questions how to use and why the project planner insert?
If you don't work in projects in your workplace, it can be hard to imagine, how could be this insert useful. If you try to forget the word "project" and thinking on things belongs together it can be more simple.

Some example

Plan your holiday. 

      -- find out where - subtasks: look through the catalog you collected already, make a list about what is for you (and other family members) important (it will help in the decision),
      -- book flight
      -- what I want to see - subtasks: buy a tourist book. Read the ... blog for ideas. Print some out. Buy a map.
      -- make a packing list.

Plan your Christmas

      -- Gifts. Subtasks: create a list with names, ideas. Buy the gift for x. Order from the internet.
      -- What to eat? Subtasks: create a menu. Ask xy if he is not vegetarian? Buy ... Order cookies from...
      -- Schedule. Subtask: call xy, when could she come. Look in the calendar when starts the holiday in the school.

My own examples

Planner Project

Because it is slowly too big, I made some "subproject" from it.
There are: "New inserts". I collect here my ideas I want to make some day. "Corrections/developing ideas" for the inserts I already made. "Personal size". Inserts to reducing for this size. "Miscellaneous Ideas".

Folded note to a new insert idea:

By corrections a Task is an insert like "Daily Planner V1". This is Nr 3. I have two marks here: + means, that I have a note for it. It is folded into the Project Planner, and I wrote the number of the task too. S means, that I listed minimum 1 Subtask on the other side.

In this case: more hours. I should have more Subtask for a Task, as by the Nr 1. I can write the Nr of the task into the second column. I highlighted the subtasks, that I find important and want work with first.

My note for the correction.

Homepage Project

This is also a huge project, on it I work continuously. I have here subprojects too, as "Home", "Webshop", "Blog". This is more complex, because I have a collage who works on it too, I have to know, what he will make, and when...

Pattern Project

Every pattern is a project for me. There are always the same things to do: find the idea, choosing yarn, designing, knitting, writing the pattern, make proofreading, testing, releasing, marketing. Usually I don't make a Project Planner page for them. I started to make laminated checklists for the different part of the process, and I use them.

If I need to write something, mostly I use a to do list insert. Things such "measure the shawl". "Change Chart C on page 4". 

Little projects

If a project is not too complex, I don't use the folded version, only the two pages, or a to do list. 

Where to place the projects?

You can use the chronological method, as I wrote in the 17 folders post. I find it perfect, because I can place a Project page now for the next Christmas, and write in if I get an idea...
If you have only some project, make a "Projects" tab in your planner, and mark with flags your folded pages. If you have more, you might want to make an index page and sort the projects in ABC order.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I love seeing the actual pictures of the project planning. It really helps me to think out how I might plan more effectively.

    1. You don't mind if I post in your group? I get there so much inspirations!