My February plans

This will be not an efficient month. In the first two weeks are holiday in the school. My little one is at home this week, and the other two are in ski camp. It means, I have to cook every day, and of course, I cannot work as much as usual, if I have a 6 year old at home. Next week we will going to skating every day.

Thats why I planned only a few things for this month. I have some monthly routine for the first and second week (promotion, paying bills). I plan writing a pattern for some weeks already, I have on my weekly plan it yet, but as you can see, I didn't planed it for a day. It might have to skip again... Other things are most important.
My weekly plan looks not too busy...

But if I start to collect every little things together, my daily plan is full:

I use color coding for the different things: pink is work, orange is family, blue is me.
I also use numbers for the tasks, it is useful if they are little things. Take a look on number 2: they are tasks can do in couple of minutes. I reserved for them all an hour. I have a weekly task list too, with such to do-s, which I can do whenever I want.
Little flags are to keep my extra attention. On the orange is "hang out clothes" - I'm tending to forget my washing... By calls the yellow one reminds me, that I'm waiting for a call back. Tomorrow I can replace this flag for the next Daily Planner page. As I see, I have almost done everything.

What is your plan for the month/week?

Happy planning!


  1. I like the idea of adding the flags for extra emphasis. I might have to try that. I've tried a bunch of other stuff but none of it jumps out at me the way your brightly colored flag does.

  2. These pages are really nice! Where did u get them?

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  4. Patty: I used them also in my calendar for such things: hair dying. If I made it, I replace the flag 4 weeks later.

  5. I feel 1000 times better after seeing your note to play with your daughter for 15 minutes in every hour. As a WAHM, I have to schedule that as well, or it's amazing how quickly I forget, and the time flies by.

  6. THe other way is also hard. I didn't worked yesterday, and today only a very little...