Yearly Plan

If you have you own business, or you have to plan "only" you family life to organize, you will need a plan for the whole year.

Yearly Plan Insert

For this reason I created in my Filofax the Yearly Plan inserts. There is one page for every month. In the PDF I have the possibility to fill out a field for all boxes with the theme I want to use it. There are boxes with list and also without list.

What themes should they be?

  • Birthdays 
  • Holidays
  • Marketing 
  • Which pattern I will release
  • Which zone to focus to organize in the flat?

How to use it?

It worth to plan for the whole year! Fill out your themes, save the file, and print it out. That write in, what you want to do in that month. As the year is going you can print more pages - for the next year!

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