The 17 dividers

Do you know the a 43 folders system? You have one for all month and 31 for the days. I don't want folders. And 43 divider? No way. If I plan, is enough for me to know, which week I want to work on one project.

This is my solution
One divider for every month. I bought monthly sticky markers for them.

In one of my Filofax were numbered dividers. I use from them the 1-5 for weeks 1-5 in every month.
(Find a tutorial about creating the pockets here.)

How it works?
Actual month is the first, with the 5 weekly divider. The divider has a pocket to store little scraps of paper. Where I have repetitive tasks, I wrote it here. 

 bills to pay in every month comes to second week

If I get something, I will need later, I put to that month, if it is the current month, to that week. Think about reminders from school, invites for party. 

Email for holiday course of my daughter (goes to February)

As I make my plan, I put the project planner pages also here. Why is that good? You will find such things as bought concert tickets month before. If you get and idea for the next christmas, make a "Christmas project planner" page, and put to December. Or to November, if you have to do before! If you use a folded page, you can fold into every page that has something to do with it. Ideas for gifts, receipts, eg.
You may want also put after every month divider a to do list, for miscellaneous ideas, to dos.

I have a post it now on April divider with a deadline.

Sometimes I have to wait for something. I write on the page, until when? And I place that project to that time. I send sometimes submissions to magazines with pattern ideas. As I sent it, I write it on, and the expected datum for feedback. Then I place it to that time. If it it over, probably it is not accepted. I know how much longer they send my submission back, I write that time also on the project page, and the whole packet moves on. If that time has come and I didn't got that back, I can write an e-mail, if I got it  back, I can archive the project. If that is accepted, I will be told when I have to knit the sample and write the pattern. I can then build it to my plan.


  1. Thank you, you've helped me figure this out. For a long time I've wanted a sort of 53 folders system for my Filofax, but like you said that's too much bulk. It's a great system though, and we used it in the insurance office I worked in in the 80s for all our correspondence. In fact, I think everyone did before computers and internet. Anyway, I wanted to have something like it in my planner, since it's also a physical system. I had on hand a set of plastic pockets from Dayrunner and I marked one Week 1 on the front, Week 2 on the back, on the next I have Week 3 and Week 4 and the last one has Future. (Just now!). They're now placed within the July section.

    I only keep a month of day on 2 pages in the calendar section of my planner so this will be enough for me, I think. Thanks so much for the inspiration on how to make this actually work for me!

    1. I'm happy that you found your version works for you!