Sample Project: Christmas planning

What all do you have to know for planning the Christmas?

1. Infos
List: gifts, menü, etc - these are detailierte infos - they have to go to  the projects section/Christmas project. Take notes here, ideas, and checklist! Write everything done. A list about people you want to give something. Ideas, what. No ideas - you have to find out! It generates a task (go to planner page....) What you want to eat? If you can, hole punch the recipe too. Internet? Link it! From a book? Write on the title and the page! It generates task! You have to make a grocery list! Go to project tasks. Grocery list goes to infos.

2. Appointments
When you have to where, whit whom? Appointments go to the Calendar.

3. Project tasks
And what you have to do? Its place is on the planner page. The planner page is a todo list. Without ideas and details. So you wont loose the track what to do. Break it done to doable actions. Can you do "organize Christmas? No. Say:
  • buy the Book for Jenny "How to be happy".
  • Find out what to buy for Tom.
  • Call Eva, when we can met.
  • do grocery shopping (place your list in Projects section!)
When you plan what when you will do, these todos wont be vanish between the lot of notes.
A trick, what I use on the todo list: if I have additional info/note for a task, a write a symbol + there.
These three section I think the most important in a planner. But there is more depth you can use: Planning!

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