What is all about?

I'm a home work-at-home mom, with 3 daughters. I was always a crazy chick, but as I get children, moved from my country to another and started my own business, I found, that I can't manage my life. I've forgotten appointments, never got a lot of things done, and feeled always overwhelmed, tired, disappointed. As we found out, that my middle daughter has ADHD, I went also to a psychiater, and... I have ADD (attention disorder deficit), and makes sense, why is so hard to me to organize our life. I learned a lot via internet, and bought my first Filofax. And the second. And it worked! Then we started also our Family Organizer too. This blog is about organizing the life of a work-at-home mom and a family. Planners, projects, daily routines, time managements, and everything that comes into my mind connected with this topic.

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