How to organize your planner?

Lot of people uses the planner as a calendar, maybe an address book extra, and thats it. That is not too much to organize. But if you use it for planning too, that can be a big question, how to organize all the things that you write in?

I believe, that it can be work better if it is simple. You have to find a simple logic, that works for you. I saw videos, where different segments of the life were the different segments in the planner. Work, home, blog... It wouldn't work for me! I'm working home, and make parallel housework, kids stuff. I need to see everything in one place. But how, that is impossible?? No, it isn't.

Let's have a look, what type of things are in a planner.

1. things you have to do in a specific time. Appointments. Deadlines. Kids school activities. - For this purpose you can use the calendar. It is not important, which one, monthly, weekly... A calendar. Where you have enough place to write things in that in a definite time happens.

2. To do-s, tasks. Things you have to done. They are lists, and I find it simple, if they are together. Not all tasks in a mixed list, I use tematic lists. I call them projects, maybe not a perfect name, I found not better yet. If I would have a tab for kids stuff, and one for home, I would probably forget something....

3. Infos. Things I have to know. Addresses, insurance numbers, it can be simple identify as an information. But ideas, notes are also information, or not?

All things can go to one of these categories. Are you unsure, where it belongs? Question it: It is a date? It is something I have to do? Or it is something I have to know? It can be a very good guideline to organize your planner. Don't mix this things together!
If you have all these things, can be started planning using all this infos. By me it is the 4th part: planner system, where all things come together, with cross references. So I wouldn't be confused about a lot of informations at the same time, I see only what I need to.
Next time I will give a sample for this logic.

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