What I learned/found this week? - Week 23

Yes, it is, why I always complain! I have a lot simple, few minutes tasks. And they suck my energie, and take more time as the total of the necessary time for each. I can better work on a hard task, what needs more hours and full attention!
"It feels like you have no time because it’s so fragmented with little annoying tasks that drain the life out of you." http://www.bakadesuyo.com/2014/08/how-to-stop-being-lazy/

A great post about important but not urgent tasks: http://zenhabits.net/nonurgent/

Use a timer, and it will help to concentrate and do what you have to do. http://timemanagementninja.com/2015/06/set-a-timer-and-get-your-work-done/

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