Tutorial: How to make a foldable sticky note holder?

How to make a foldable sticky note holder?

I have some sticky notes what I like, but they are not too sticky. I use for it glue. Keeping them on a divider as usual is not an option. I created this holder to my personal size planner.

Step 1: 

I used cardstock paper for it, I cutted to size. For A5 size, you should have 21x29.6 cm paper - which is exactly A4 size :) Cut the stripes for the same with and the wished high.

Step 2: 

Fold all pieces to half

Step 3: 

Punch it

Step 4:

Fasten the stripes to the holder with the help of washi tape. (As you can see, I kept the stripes on place with some little piece of washis.) Cut the unnecessary washi.

Step 5:

Strengthen the holes by using washi tape on the other side too.

Step 6:

Hole punch again.

Step 7:

Cut to the holes on the right side: it will allows you to open the holder without open the rings.

Step 8:


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