How to build your perfect planner system? Week 3: Create an INBOX!

Missed Week 2? Read it here.
How is going for you and your planner? I hope after 2 weeks you got the habit using your planner, it is always with you, open, and you write every little and big thing in it!
Why should you write everything down? When something comes into your mind (“I should have to clean my refrigerator”) means your brain: “I MUST do this now.” If hundred’s of I should things are circulate in your mind, you will be failed. You can do only one thing at the same time. But if you wrote it down, you don’t have to think on it never more.
In this week we will add a landing place to your planner - where you can collect your stuffs, called “Inbox”.

What is an Inbox?

Read about it more here. In short: Inbox is a physical place in your planner, where stuffs arrives. Place an envelop right after your first page protector sheet in your planner. Or create a pocket (see the tutorial here). 

My inbox folder, cleaned up

Place some notepaper after that. Every piece of paper you have to deal with, place to your inbox. Every thoughts comes to your mind, write on the notepaper. 

My inbox-notpaper section with random notes - not cleaned up yet. My daughter uses my inbox too :D

What to do?

You will have to “clean your inbox” every day. Until you don’t know, what to do with your stuff, left it here. You have your calendar already, so if you have any time related things on that paper, write it to your calendar. If you have on that paper nothing more than an appointment, you can throw away that paper. If you have additional information for the appointment, left the paper in the Inbox for now. 

How it looks like after cleaning up. I hadn't thrown it away because of the picture on the other side :)

Homework for the next week: collect all stuff what you will need to deal with. If you have more than you can keep in your planner, take a box, or paper tray, or whatever and use that. Next week we will start to process them. - Week 4: Organize your stuff!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in comment! Share your experiments in our Facebook group, and get more help!  

Find here the whole series.

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  1. I have an inbox and I use it like you do except...

    I put things in the organized place directly (like on a task list or calendar) whenever possible. But I still have an inbox, for when there's no time for that!

    1. For me is it impossible, because my ADD. If I swith to write it to right place now mode, than my flow breaks and I have no idea, what I made even now.