DIY Project: Inbox tutorial

For A5 size 

I took a 12" craft paper (ca 30.5 cm wide). Cut to 21 cm tall. 

Mark at 16 cm, scratch it... 

and fold it.

At the edge mark 8 cm from the top, where will be folded, 8 cm from the bottom. Cut the top part.

Use washi tape to stick it, and punch. 

As you can see, it is not closed at the rings, hopefully it will be enough. But I hated the idea to waste paper, and then it should have been glued at the sides too. 

In use: in this size it can hold a folded A4 size paper.

For personal size

Do the same as by A5, only the numbers are different: Cut 21x17 cm double sided paper, fold by 10.5 cm. Cut the pocket by 7 cm from the top at the edge and from the bottom at the folding-line.

By this version I had the correct width and used washi tape by the side too. If you make this way, first punch the paper, use washi, than punch again!

And my big pain: it cannot hold an A4 paper even folded in 4...

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