"Touch things once" - one of the organization's principle - I'm not agreed!

When you touch something only once, than you don't leave open loops, I understand that. But it can use lot more energy to do this! Let's see some examples.

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Example 1: Making order

I'm trying to make order in a room. I touch a thing what belongs to the kitchen - I go to the kitchen. I take something to bath, then an other to the living room, than this to the bathroom??? Silly. Isn't easier collect everything not belongs to the room (touched first) finish with the room, and after than touch it again and bring to the other room?

Example 2: Sorting laundry

When I sort laundry I touch things more than once. I have 5-10 categories (I don't know exactly), and when I start to sort, I don't make so much pile. I decide, "I do first light color clothes". I have here "misc" and "T-shirt" categories. That means I do 3 piles: these two, and everything else. I have decide only between these 3, and not 10 (or how much I have :D) Than I load the washing machine, and go an other round with pile 3, and I might take out "dark misc" and "dark T-shirts". And leave all others unsorted. (Rep. from beginning :))

Example 3: Mails

Touch once means: I come home, take out the mails, I toss advertisement in garbage - this is ok. O, here is a bill to pay -let's turn on computer, log in to my bank account, and pay??? No, this is silly. Mostly all of our bills has to be payed in 30 days. That means we can pay once a month, and every bill will be payed before the deadline. We have a drawer for bills, I toss all of them here, and I have a recurring task reminder in my calendar (scheduled for the weekend) - on that day I go through the bills.

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