More-and-more planning in apps (Todoist and Evernote)

My planning system is a Frankenstein :) I had Evernote since years, but I didn't used it too much. But as I saw a lot Todoist/time management videos, I learned about Evernote too, and started thinking on, how I could use it, how I could organize my stuff in it. I love the idea going paperless: I want to scan all my documents, and toss as much as possible (contracts of course not :)).
How my system works now?


Todoist keeps all my to do-s. Every little thing, and big recurring things too. I organize them into big groups, like: work, family, personal, and I have some "extra", like to buy - I shared this with my husband, I write here the shopping list, he can go with his phone shopping and check them out.
I'm not sure yet, what is best for "tickler" stuff - keep them in Todoist, or Evernote. Future events have documents with informations, and I want a reminder for them. Keeping document is better in Evernote, but getting reminders from two places? Not sure I want this.


Whatever I can think on, goes to Evernote. Files, archives, ideas, emails forwarded... I have here something "GTD like" organization. Inbox: where everything arrives - if I wouldn't do like this, I would forget tagging stuff. Planner keeps planning tools, like review templates. Projects for 3 main part of my life: work, family, personal. For work I keep two stack: active and inactive projects. Filing cabinet keeps documents, without grouping. Saved recipes, documents, notes, infos saved from the web, etc. Pending is for... pending items :D Like orders (I just forward the email what I get...), and other things I'm waiting for. I check this weekly, and archive what is not any more pending. Archive is for archived projects.

Evernote keeps also my reviews. This is really genial: I can write in the same note to do-s, instructions, place to write, and files. Why I don't keep these todos in Todoist? Because like this I can go through my review in one place! This is my weekly review note:

First the reflection for the past week: I finished these, list of tasks: like process inbox in Todoist and Evernote. That was great, and not so great, and journaling, if I have any thoughts I want to write.
And tasks for planning the next week:

And take a look on my daily review, here comes the best part - this note contains files too. I created my weekly chart in excel - and the data copies entries into yearly chart automatically! I could delete the "refresh the yearly chart" todo from my weekly review.

And how it works together?

In Todoist I have a task "daily review" - ok, go to Evernote, copy the daily review template, fill out, done. Next please.
In Todoist I have a task: work on project xxx pattern. This can be a little bit complexer. For a project in Evernote I have more notes - one for the whole projects, with informations about timeline, deadlines, and internal links for all related notes, like Pages document, where I write the pattern. I have a note for "supporting files".

And I also have tasks in todoist in that project. This is because I can add a task to Todoist with only one keyboard combination. When I check my test thread and I find a mistake I have to correct, or just have to do: cmd+shift+a - and the task created in Todoist inbox. When I process the Inbox the task goes to the project. For this tasks I don't place a reminder! I have just one for the project. I go to that project tasks list, and working on them.

This post starts to be too long, so I stop here. And maybe next time I write about how comes to picture my planner and Google calendar - because here are also changes...
It might be confusing, please ask if you want to know more about anything (don't ask how to make things in the apps :) I can give you links, ok... :D)

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