How work together my paper planners and Google Calendar with my apps?

If you didn't read my last post about how I use Todoist and Evernote - do it now first!
While the apps help keep me on track, with automation, reminders, quick collecting, I also need for planning the paper and pen. When I use them, I think differently, more deeply.
The whole planning system is like a zooming process.


The farthest picture is the year for me.
I filled out the Powersheets - what helped me to crystallize my goals. But I don't really use the monthly sheets, I just read my goals through every months.
For my work I made a yearly plan (you can take a look on it in this video, by about 8 minutes). Both are written.


I made a separate monthly calendar booklet for myself for the year. At the beginning I wasn't sure, if it is a good idea, but I needed more ring space, so monthlys has to be removed. I'm very satisfied with this solution. (For next year - advice for myself: use thicker paper! :)) This calendar is, where every time related things arrive. It lives in my main planner's pocket. I synchronize this with the calendar in my pocket - but only those things are going to my pocket what can influence appointments - "give pocket money for kids" is in A5 but not in pocket. When I'm on the go I bring only the pocket with me. If I have to make an appointment in my pocket, I don't write it on paper (I would forget to copy), I write it on little post it note, and that stays there until I didn't copied (I have a task in my daily review "check pocket".)
For work I have also monthly calendars, where I write deadlines, and plan out on what day on what big thing I will concentrate.


When I do my weekly review, I copy all events to the Google Calendar, because I need reminders. Every new item in Google Calendar goes automatically to Todoist (with IFTTT), so I can see them in more place (sure, what sure). 


The daily focus from the monthly plan goes to the daily page - what I also need to write. Even if I have my little tasks from Todoist... I copy my tasks from Todoist to my daily page! Not all, but most of them. I need to plan out, in which hour I do what. (Not too detailed, but like "daily routine", "write xy pattern", "phone calls", "little things".

It might be a little chaotic... A little summary:
Tasks are collected in Todoist. They are scheduled there according to paper planning. Tasks are copied to paper planner (daily pages).
Other stuff are going to Evernote. (Templates, routines, archive, supporting materials, project infos - no tasks! Pending items)
Appointments are going on paper planner, and are copied to Google Calendar.
Time-related items (my kids have today a sport competition - when, where, what they have to have.... - are going as a photo into Todoist [TICKLER] "project". 
All real planning happens on paper. Almost all information keeping happens on computer.

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