How to Use the Monthly Chart?

A monthly chart is a table with on column for tasks, or anything else :) and 30/31 columns for the days. In cells you can draw, check off, color, write.

1. Planning

I tried to use a monthly chart for planning before, but it didn't worked for me. Like: add tasks to the left column, and mark on which day you have to do this. I planned very well, just never checked :D 

2. Tracking projects

On the top of my chart I track on what project I'm working when. I want to summarize after couple of months to see, which type of project how many days need. As you can see, I color when I'm worked on something. My patterns stayes from more steps, where you see letters, means, where I am in the progress.

3. Tracking goals

On the bottom I mark, when I did something to my goals. When I have planned something on a day, I draw a square. As you can see, it is not going perfectly :D

4. Other ideas 

Weight loss

Write the weights to the rows, and mark every day, where you are.

Mood, other well being tracking

Write every day to every category how you rate it. Like 1-5 or 1-10...
You can also leave for something (headache) so many rows, how many value you want to use, and color so much, for how many you rate that day.

Keep track events

Mark no school days, your husband work schedule, trash days...

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