Technique and paper - hand in hand

I struggled always how and where to write my routines. 
- When I kept them on a list somewhere in my planner, and wrote on my daily page "morning routine", I had to flip there, and I coudn't mark off the tasks, and I forgot to go back to the daily.
- I tried laminated page (where I can mark off and clean for the next time), but I had have a whiteboard marker and something to clean the page - I never had.
- I kept the list on my day marker (marker problem again).
- On sticky notes. (Cannot mark it off.)
- I wrote all tasks every day (huge work, big, overwhelming list),
- I made stickers, I made daily pages printed with the tasks - this items looked different as what I added with my hand - so I "didn't saw" them. Really. I know.

Using an app

I tried uncountable app already, but I always failed. I can't tell the reason. And I can't tell, why I now succeed? I use the Todoist app. I use it mostly on my computer, but it is also available on my phone. I can "throw" everything with a move into my inbox without leaving the program what I use on my computer. This is a huge advantage for me, because I won't forget what I made. And I don't have to find the place in my planner to write - in this time I can forget what I wanted to note! That is really annoying. I can add aoutomaticly tasks into my list with IFTTT (my favourite app ever!) - like "if I posted on Instagram, create me a task for today: write tags for the post in comment", or "if I got a text message on my phone create a task to answer". With IFTTT I also can create a list in an other app (I use Google Drive) what I've done. I can share projects with others, the most important I share with my husband is the shopping list. I write the list, he checks the items off, when he puts in the shopping basket. Great, isn't it?
And you will laugh: I use an other task manager app (TickTick), for the routines. That way in Todoist I have the task "morning routine", and in TickTick I have the items for it. This way I can keep my Todoist task list shorter. 

And then you don't need your planner any more???

Yes, I do! I plan in my planner. The app keeps the tasks neet and safe and can remind me. I have my calendar, and organize appointments here. I plan out my week on my weekly pages. I make my weekly review in my planner (with the help of my checklist in the app :)). This combination solved the "I  have to make this task one time, maybe not today, but soon" problem - not a perfect way yet, but more better as in written form ever. I snooze these task for tomorrow, or maybe for next week. They are there, in my today's list, but when I go trough my day on the morning I can decide, if I leave the here or snooze farther, without making a mess on my todo list. Sometimes I write some MIT in my planner, to know on what I have to concentrate, and I check the little ones in the app. The app can remind me if I have a task I want to make in a specific time (to post on Instagram at 14:00 :)) 
So my loved planners stays with me, and didn't changed too much, only I write in them not so much tasks. I will also slowly remove the project tasks list from my planners - but project pages with informations and notes might will stay on paper! 
For now I'm very pleased with this hybrid solution.

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