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I realised that I won't never arrive to the so called "planner peace". For me is planner peace that I can play with them. Trying out new layouts, setups, combinations of planners. I have ADHD, what wants me to be there where I'm not. So changing is time (and money) consuming, but changing always something makes me using my planners. I think, if I would stay on the same system I would hate the thing. I wrote already about this, in my heart I want just live without any planning. It is just not working. So I have add something extra - I keep my eyes open, searching new ideas, new planners, designing new inserts, stickers, dividers.
And what happened now? You might know: 1. I told - I'm an A5 girl, I don't like personal size. It is complicated, you have cut paper, and have not enough room on the paper... 2. I have 2 A5 Maldens. I love Maldens. But I'm not crazy for these two colors (purple and ochre), I always wanted something else.
In spring I heared about two new Malden colors, and I said: yes, they are lot more nicer! I watch a lot Filofax videos, and the personal Malden is more beautiful, as the A5. A5 is a biiiig monster :) First I said, hey, I don't need a new one (and not for that money!). But it is time to think on it, the new colors will be released in summer. Marketing works, what you cannot get, you want. And yesterday I ordered the Kingfisher Blue - personal size. Hey, you! Personal size, you don't like it! But I love, how this planner looks. And tried out last week some inserts for it.

Picture from John Lewis webshop

What I learned in the last year: I don't have to have everything in the same binder. What the worst was in personal, the mo2p insert. But do I need that in my personal size? Why not keep the A5 with a lot informations. And use a little bit other the personal size? Do1p - I don't like it, because I need schedule, task list plus place for notes - it is too much for a page, I want do2p. But do2p is too much for A5 - a good excuse for a personal do2p :D
The plan is (I also started to make it): Most of the personal planning, and informations stay in A5. In personal I won't keep appointments, just work planning. I printed out mo1p horizontal for an overview on what day I do what. I washi taped them to an other page to get a fold out, so when I plan my week I can see it.

Then wo2p, on the left side vertical, on the other notes - I keep here additional tasks I might want to do on the week, or notes. On this weekly I don't have any appointments, just work tasks. I keep my appointments in my mo2p calendar, plus Google calendar - and I copy them to my daily schedule.

I insert in between the do2p insert - first page schedule, tasks, second for notes (what is not ideal, because I have to turn, when I want to take notes, but this way I can see my week.

That is planning, than notepaper, meeting notes (I'm always searching, where I took notes, when I talked with someone - nothing fancy just notepaper, but it gets a section.) Lists. This is stupid, I now because I have Todoist, and I have these things there too. But I have to write lists with my hands... :D
I'm hesitating to add an info section to the end with a few very important stuff.
And this way what will be with my pocket size? I have no idea, but it seems to be not needed. Never mind, I will find maybe in a year an other combination, where I will use that again :)

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