How to deal with the stress caused high number of daily tasks?

We are moving. This generates a lot of little tasks - not only packing the whole flat for 5 person. Moving tasks are priority first tasks. But life has to go: I am a freelancer - I cannot stip to work (ok, I can take back a little...), and housework has to be done.

Step 1: Collect your to do-s

I started to list my must do-s into my daily layout. The place wasn't enough (see on the right column).

Step 2: Thematize and prioritise your to do-s

I started to getting desperate, then I took 3 sticky notes, labeled with: work, moving, housework.
I wrote to the top the absolut must do today tasks, and at the bottom, those I should do - very recommended...

Step 3: Organize to do-s

Then I took the slim flag markers, and marked with yellow all tasks need only couple of minutes to accomplish. With pink calls - calls need also only couple of minutes. And what I can see? What is left, is not too much.

Step 4: Make a schedule

Then I scheduled these groups into my day (see on the first picture in the left column). 9-10am: quick work tasks. 10-11am: calls, 11-12: something from work. 12-1pm: lunch break. 1-2pm: something from moving list. 2-3pm: housework. Then I will see, what is left and make a plan for the rest of the day. Now it seems not so scary!

Step 5: Start working

(And not writing blog - it's work hour!)

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