10 main principles why and how to plan

I send so often newbie planners to my blog. I'm not sure, that even the lot of change - can be seen, that the main principles doesn't changes? Just the form and the setup. I must change. I think, if I would not change, I would not plan. I always have a "better" idea for a problem, what I must try :) The most exciting part for me think on solutions. (This is the same in designing knitting patterns - problem solving is the biggest motivation, even if I create those "problems" - like work something lacy-striped from these two yarns.)
Back to the principles!
1. Live on purpose.
2. Find out and write your goals done.
3. Make a plan for those goals.
4. Write everything done. Organise all stuff.
5. Have ONE calendar (one main...) with all appointments.
6. Have routines.
7. Have a filing system.
8. Have projects.
9. Have to do list(s).
10. Track what you do.
Ok, it's morning, maybe the list is not whole, but I hope I collected everything :)

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