How to build your perfect planner system?

This series is for planner newbies. We will add new things to the system, to leave time to build habits, and feel what good is. I believe in ring-bound planners, because it is the most flexible system, so I'm writing about them. Follow the series, make the steps, and create your perfect planner. You have to know: everyone is different. Every planner is different. I’m trying to write so open as possible, offering choices to you to find your way. But please at the beginning, follow my instructions! I will give more options later. Building out a good, working system is not simple. It will be never perfect. Be patient with yourself and your system, try out things, and leave your system evolving.

Week 1: Let’s start!
Week 2: Add some structure!
Week 3: Create an INBOX!
Week 4: Organize your stuff!
Week 21: Make your life simpler: routines and checklists