How to build your perfect planner system? Week 21: Make your life simpler: routines and checklists

There are in our life so much things what is always the same. Happens on the same time of the week/month/year. Has to do the same thing. If you write them down, you don't have to think about so much. This makes things automatic.

Daily routines

I have a daily routine list since I tried out the FlyLady system. I don't do it any more, but having routines is a great idea!
- You can have a list for all routines somewhere in your planner (I have it by the R divider.) If you can be think on that, you can go every day there, and check, what you have to do. You might need to write to your plan: daily routine.
- Or keep a little card with the tasks by the dailies.
- Or have a sticky note to your day marker, and stick that to your daily, and move it to the next day, if you finished.

- You can have also a weekly chart for the whole week on your weekly spread
- or on your day marker.

Some of mine:


Zsuzsa Kiss (@muzsika19) által közzétett fénykép,

- or on a separate insert:

So much options!

Weekly routines / repeatedly appointments

- You can have a list by your routines list again. You can go to check it there if you not forget it.
- You can write a reminder to your weekly review checklist: write weekly routine tasks/appointments to the days. (This is, what I do - more writing, but I can't check things on different places :))
- You can write a list with this things on your day marker.
- You can write the repeatedly things on replaceable flags. Move this every week to the next week's pages.

Monthly routines /repeatedly appointments

Same options as by weeklies.

Seasonal/Yearly things

- List again.
- Copy from the list to the place.
- Have an insert/post it for every month: write on this every birthdays/appointments, to do-s you have for this month (like making book keeping, changing clothes for seasons etc.). You can stick the post it to the months, or you can use your insert as a divider.



They are genial helper! If a bigger task need always the same steps, and you need to do that task more times, you can make a checklist for it.
- The most simplest way: Have in your planner (or in a notebook) a place for checklists, and list all the subtasks what you need to the bigger task. When you have to do it again, go there, and make it.
- Make laminated checklists. Then you can mark the finished subtasks with white board marker, and use the checklist next time again. Disadvantage for this: laminated pages make your planner bulky. But why should you keep all of them in your planner? You can find a place for your checklists outside of it. Place only the actual to your day (week).


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