Highly customizable planners: Agendio

For couple of days shared people in Facebook planner groups the Agendio website. I checked it immediately, and was amazed. From 28 November will be available as planner refill.

You can 
- choose from different layouts (monthly, weekly vertical, weekly horizontal)
- give your labels for sections
- customize the sections: checkboxes, lines, etc
- divide your sections into more
- in the vertical weekly layout you can choose if you want a schedule, and if, what time span, add section(s) for tasks
- week start
- choose from different looks of the dates, fonts, colors
This is not bad, but what bought me:
I can add tasks and events, what happens always on a day of the week, or a day of a month, etc. It would spare me a lot of time to writing them in my planner again and again. 
(See here all of the features.)
I already started to working on my version. I need a vertical weekly, I'm living without it for a long time, but I'm missing it! (I just placed couple of original Filofax inserts today to my planner...)
I will go with something like this:

Let's go and try the builder! If you would like also a planner, don't forget to check the promotions here. If you don't find what you want, you can also write to the team!

All images copyright Agendio. 

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