How to build your perfect planner system? Week 22: Good luck!

I think, I told everything I planned to tell in this series. This last post is about say goodbye :)
It is hard to close a so big and long lasting work, what should I say? The main part I already summarised.

Some miscellaneous thoughts:

- Don't be afraid to start planning, just do it.
- You don't have to have from the first day a perfect system, it will evolve. A wrong system is better than having any.
- You will never have a perfect system, maybe something near. Your needs change, your system has to be adapt.
- I give you advices but my system isn't "ready" yet. I'm working on (OK, I'm an extreme example :)) that constantly.
- Have a calendar and place to take notes. Have a todo list. These are the most important things in your planner.
- Have your planner always with you.
- Write down everything.
- Ask if you need inspiration, how to organize anything. From Chaos to Order Facebook group.

From now on I can go back to most personal things - I wanted also besides this series, but I have energy only for one blogpost in a week. I'm happy if I can write about things also other people are interested, so please write me in comment if you would like to read about something.
I say goodbye from this series with a picture about my actual planners.