What "planner peace" means to me? And why talking about it so much?

Planner is a planner, what an idiot question is what is planner peace? Why is not enough to have a planner? Whatever planner? Or calendar. No No No! It matters, what you have!

Last time I read some posts about planner peace.
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Giftie Etcetera about the inserts
Homemakersdaily is also searching the best solution.

Planner peace is for me:

- finding the right size, what works for me
- finding the right inserts, what works for me
- finding the right binding - I thing, this one is done: ring binders are the best for me
- finding the right binder - what works for me.
- deciding what to keep in the planner.

Do you see? "what works for me". I write again. What works for me. Not what I like. Functionality is the first on the row!

Why I don't know what I want? 

Good question - maybe because there are conflicting needs. I have already written about my preferences here.
Size: A5 is too big, personal is too small - I have make a decision, what is more important: portability or enough writing space? Both is functionality question. In this moment is A5 winning.
Inserts: What weekly format is working the best? How I can achieve to see together what I want see at the same time?If I see more at the same time, than I have smaller space (for a day or something else). If I want more space, I won't see something I wanted. I need a 100 dimension planner, hihi :D Here again: find the best compromise!
Binding: Stitched or glued need less space. But it is not customizable. This is very important for me, so: ring binder.
Binder: Ok, it has to be nice, but this aspect can be never the first. If it has pocket gives the binder bulkier. But to having place for storing stickers, etc.
What to keep in the binder and how to organize? This is again: I want to keep here everything, but it is not possible. If I have too much in the planner, I might not find what I search, I might don't want to bring with me, because it is too heavy. How to organize? Keeping the monthlies/weeklies/dailies separate? Or somehow together? How? (Back to inserts question). Keeping planning and calendar pages together or separate? How to organize all the other stuff? What sections to have? They are hard questions!
I hope you can understand now, why I don't find my planner peace so easily!

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