How to build your perfect planner system? Week 15: Summary

As I promised: before we move on to second level, a little repetition is coming. I want to summarize the previews posts.

Summary of the first 14 weeks

1. What you need?

First week I wrote, you will need a planner and calendar inserts for writing appointments, I recommended for start the week on two pages version. To take notes, notepaper. You started writing appointments to your calendar, to dos and notes to notepaper. I recommended to have your planner always with you.

2. New sections

On the second week you created dividers for Calendar, To Dos and Lists. (I will mark the dividers with green color.)

3. Inbox

On the third week you added an Inbox folder and notepapers as a landing place. You collected here everything you have to deal with.

4. Organizing stuff

On the fourth week you started to organize the collected stuff from your inbox. You added Informations section for infos, Someday/Maybe for to dos you might want to make one day. You left time related stuff in inbox, until the last week, when you made the 17 folder section or you putted your stuff somewhere else. You might added Notes section.

5. Planning

We started talking about real planning only on the fifth week, you added a Planning section with weekly and daily inserts. I asked you to use day on one page for daily planning, until we are talking about other options.

6. Weekly, daily reviews

You could read on the 6th week about why is a review important, and what you have do.

7. Values, 9. Roles, 10. Goals

For seeing, what is important for you, what you really want and must do, you made some exersizes (values, roles, goals).

8. Monthly planning

On the 8th week you added a monthly planner insert to your planning section, and planned your first month.

11. Decorating

On week 11 you got some time to rest, I wrote about decorating the planner.

12. Projects

On the 12th week I wrote about how organizing tasks into projects helps the planning and achieving your goals. In that post I forgot to write to add a Projects divider. Please do it now! :)

13. Monthly review

On the 13th week you made your first monthly review.1

14. Place for time related stuff

Last week I recommended some options to keep time related stuff.

So what?

If you made everything as I written, you have tons of dividers. If you take a closer look on it, it's really 3 different things. Calendar, planning and informations. Calendar tells you when what you can/must do. Informations are in projects, lists, to dos, they are telling you what you can/must plan in your planning sections. This is how the all stuff works together. Now the question is, what sections you need and how you want to organize your planner. This comes in the next weeks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in comment! Share your experiments in our Facebook group, and get more help!  

Find here the whole series.

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