How to build your perfect planner system? Week 11: Add some fun!

After the hard work we are going to give some fun to our planners (if you like it).

You planner don't must be boring!

You don't like the pure planner pages? Everything black and white, only to do-s, responsibilities.

Lot of pages looks like this in my planner

 For me is functionality is on the first place, I think, who reads this series, also. Decorating is only an extra. But, decorating can be also functional, let's see some ideas.

I used here: stamps, stamped stickers, stickers, washi tapes for cover not used space, washi to mark holiday, sticky notes, colored pens...

Color coding

Color coding is funny, nice and practical. What to color code? People in the family. Different types of activities (like work, household, relax). Projects - use colors for the tasklist corresponding to the projects. Key areas in your life. Add a color to all values you stated and write your goals, tasks with that color. It makes keeping balance simpler, only take a look if some colors are missing or dominating.

Color coding for appointments: green - I have to go, pink - work, blue - personal, black - I have to know, but I don't have to do anything (my daughter goes to dentist, alone)

Some people don't use color coding, but uses different color pens only to make the planner more colorful.


Lot of people uses stickers to make their planner cute - it is not my strength, I cannot show you pictures concentrated about this topic. Just go to Instagram if you want to see something beautiful. But there are also stickers with functions:

Colored dots

I used these before for color coding, when I used only black pen.

Stickers with icons or words, like to do, important, or a car, cloth, etc. 

See in use on the second picture

DIY stickers

My favourites! Combined with stamps - colorful and useful. I should make a tutorial for them... Here can you also use color coding! My out-of-house color is green. I try to stamp such activities on green colored stickers.

See in use at the second picture


On the border of functionality. More fun. It takes lot of time to use the clear stamps, I know. But once a week, if I have time for it - I do it. Last week I made my daily layout with stamps.

If you create stamped stickers as I wrote before, you can spare time, and "you can have your stamps with you" - in form of stickers. Bring stamps, acrylic blocks stamp sets with you would be crazy idea.

Washi tape

I love them, but I don't use them too much, because it's complicated to take out, I need a scissor too, I want to write quick and go. But it is so nice to use some washi in different places...
At the bottom of a page.
Highlighting a title:

Separate a part of the paper (like a border).

Mark more-day-events. - See on the next picture.

Cover not used space:

Dashboards, dividers

I'm obsessed with beautiful papers. I have lot of them, I only should know, why... I try to find some clever way to use them. Like a laminated dashboard. It not only nice, but protects the pages too, and...

I use the back to keep post its on it.

When I use dividers, I make it myself. It could be more sophisticated, some people use more papers, washis, project life cards and other stuff to creating their dividers, I only cut to size and laminate them.

Sticky notes

I mostly use the Super Sticky Post it Notes (see on my dashboard), because they are really long lasting. But I love also these colorful too:

Stickies from Happy Planner
Wow, I didn't thought, that I use so much decoration! 

Housework for the next week

Make fun or not. Do what you want :)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in comment! Share your experiments in our Facebook group, and get more help!  

Find here the whole series.

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  1. I never use stickers. And I don't really understand why people do.

    1. For visual people (like me) is make more sense an icon, or the colors like written words. Other stickers, only for fun: I can understand that too, because it's cute, but it is also a distraction. But if for someone is it not too much distraction, and this way they use their planners, than why not?

    2. Did you just trim off these Happy Planner sticky notes and punch to fit your binder?

    3. yes. It is a little higher, but not disturbing.