How to build your perfect planner system? - Week 10: Goals (With free printable)

This time I will be short, I give your more work! :)
You wrote together, what is important for you, and what roles you have. I hope, you could decide what roles you keep, and where you want to change! Now you should build on these goals.


Even if you don't want to work on something from your lot important things, write all ideas on a paper, what you could do to achieve your goal. It will make easier to set your steps later.

Yearly goals

Take the two above mentioned worksheets, and start to figure out what you want to achieve, connected to your important things. Would you like to live a house (long term goal) instead of an apartment, because for you is important to be near to nature (value)? Create a goal to start looking for houses in the next year ("sub goal"). Living healthy is important for you? Set up a goal to live healthier from the next year. Etc.

Quarterly goals

Think about it, what can you do in the next 3 month?

Monthly goals

And what can you do in the next month? Think small, don't wait too much for yourself! Be concrete! Back to living healthier: write such goals, as: learning about healthy meals - for one month. Leave sugar from our meals - another month. Start exercising - another month.

Be aware to want change your life totally! It is the right way to failure! Change only a few things. If you wrote 10 different important thing in your life, you cannot do for all something in the same month! Pick up one, or two!
Every month, when you do your monthly planning, take a look on this sheet, and see, what you thought to make as a step to get nearer to your goals, and if you want to change it. Plan the steps to your monthly (weekly, daily) plan.

Free download: goals in personal size (print on A4)

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  1. I need to do better about setting goals. Sometimes, I'll set yearly goals, broken into quarterly or monthly smaller goals. That seems to be workable for me.