Where do I find my inspirations for planning?


Flylady is a home care program, you can subscribe it, and get starting to build out your system. What I learned from that: 
  • having routines
  • plan for cleaning
  • you can do any not-liked-activities for 15 minutes - use your clock
  • you made your chaos over a long period, you can't remove that in a day, take your time
  • hot spot - work on them every day


Or Getting Things Done by David Allen. It is a book what I didn't read (yet), a system for completing your tasks. I read about it on the internet. Main things (it can be inexact):
  • get all todos in one place, called inbox
  • than sort out where they belongs (something I remember: by computer, calls, maybe/later)
  • you have to write micro actions what can be done (like call xy instead of organize a meeting) - they are doable steps, which help to accomplish the tasks. Called next action. (that would be for me not working, I have for one day maybe 50 things, what I'm doing, that would be a chaos)
  • review your progress monthly, weekly, daily basis
What I use from that:
  • inbox
  • reviews


Find the homepage here. But better google it, what it is exactly. It is builded to working on GTD. Core of the system:
  • you have 43 folders
  • 12 for each month
  • 31 for days
  • actual month is on the front, with actual day
  • when you clean up your inbox, you place the thing you have to working on to the day, when it is actual - if it is in the current month, or to the month if it is the upcoming.
  • at the morning you take out the folder of the day, and working on the things, they are in. the folder of the day at the evening goes to the next month folder. 
  • at the end of the month the month folder goes to the end.
I simplified this to my 17 dividers system, working with month end weeks.


I also browse a lot on the internet and read about time management, work efficacy, etc.
Videos on Youtube.

Blogs, what you should have to follow:


  1. I've never used the 43 folders system, but I borrow (okay, steal ;) ) their idea by keeping papers in date order.

  2. no steel, it is an old idea :D
    I found this today: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tickler_file
    (I started to read (hear) the Getting this DOne book, and there was mentioned this, so I googled)