What I learned/found this week? Week 22

You don't want something to do? The hardest part to start and the task is not so hard as you thought before. - http://timemanagementninja.com/2015/05/4-tips-on-doing-what-you-dont-want-to-do/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TimeManagementNinja+%28Time+Management+Ninja%29

Create storage for your Filofax from Project Life pockets! - http://happie-scrappie.blogspot.ch/2015/05/planners-from-project-life-pockets-to.html

What you have to know about planner fanatics - http://www.justhappy.me/?p=406

Break the rules! - http://homemakersdaily.com/planner-use-its-okay-to-break-the-rules/

If you decided to start a new habit, write the action in your planner as an appointment! http://zenhabits.net/determined/

The organizer blogger are unorganized! http://www.giftieetcetera.com/2015/05/how-to-become-organizing-blogger.html
O, how real! I think if you write stuff in the blog, it helps to make it clear in your mind, and simpler to make and not break (of course you will break, but not so much as you wouldn't blog...)

Schedule time in your day to deal with your "mosquitos". http://quovadisblog.com/2015/05/time-management-monday-dealing-with-mosquitoes/

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