What is your Filofax personality?

I found this picture in the Filofax for Philofaxy Fans Facebook group, it is amazing! I asked permission to share. Find Phillis's blog here: https://thisismyrestday.wordpress.com/
So what type your are?
I'm between the Workhorse and the Explosion. An sometimes I want to have an Artiste, well Decorated planner.


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  2. Thanks for sharing my post! As for me, I am a little bit of all of these, oscillating from week to week! Currently, I'm cultivating the Artiste side and trying to stay coordinated!

  3. My planner style is definitely "exploded workhorse." My Monthly pages tend to be an explosion of colors that all mean something. The weekly pages are for ToDo s, so nothing interesting there. Thanks for this post.