Do you miss me?

I did it for very long time, writing every weeks once here. I would like to go on with this! Only I have to decide, what to do and what to leave. I'm working home. My childrens are 7, 11 and 13. There is morning school from 8-12 and afternoon school from 13:40 to 15(16):20. The smallest one have afternoon school twice a week, on other afternoons she is at home. On one afternoon I bring here ho "Hungarian school" to learn to read and write on her mother language. The are eating home 3 times a week (we eat warm for lunch not for dinner). Let's see, how much time is left: 5 mornings and two afternoons for work and other stuff what need concentration. Not too much! I have my own business, what have to do or not functioning - like last year, when I keep everything very light.
With my goal settings I decided to give a last chance for my business: I do what I need to do to run it this year (enough patterns, marketing, finishing stuff in time) and if not gose, I finish with it.
Writing a blog post, with pictures takes 2 hours from my time. From my very limited time. When I have to decide, if I work, or write a blog post - I choose work. Now it's Saturday morning, I write a quick post, that is what you got from me :) Without any pictures!

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