There are days what would be better not happened...

I planed for this week to post about time blocking. But life wanted others. A boring post, without any pictures...

You can have plans, when kids are sick and you don't sleep a minute the whole night. What can you do in this case? Take a look on your plan, and decide, what is essential? What is not possible to leave out? Do those, and rest.

What did today? 
- Slept from 9 to 11 pm.
- Worked a little bit - I started a test yesterday, there was a lot of questions. I answered the simple ones and collected all others, where I have to think, and answered: I will answer tomorrow.
- I scrolled through my emails, if there is any very important to answer. No one.
- I called my physiotherapist to cancel my appointment with him for today.
- I went to doctor to get the results for my allergy test.
- I went shopping some very important thing (like bread, apple, etc).
- Loaded washer twice to clean the bed clothes.
I didn't done my daily routine, and any other tasks I planned for today. I just browsed on internet, and other very useful stuff :D

What do you do in such extreme situations?

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