Rethinking my life

It's the last month of the year. I started preparing my planning system for the next year:
- printing?
- buying?
- planner inserts?
- planners?

My planned planning system for the next year looks like

1. my main planner will stay my purple A5 Filofax Malden, with monthly pages. I'm not sure in weeklies. I want them, but weekly and monthly is too much. Because a whole year weekly has no place in my planner, I need the monthlies for future planning. I have to figure it out. Plus in this planner: ideas, tasks (they are also ideas, like what I can do if I don't have too much energy), projects and informations.
2. I ordered a month daily planner booklet, I love it so far, and don't disturbs me, that it is separate. Why I ordered this? Because I don't want to use my time for printing and I didn't found any daily insert I would like to have. I also ordered a year day planner spiral notebook, what I got last week and it is only four month. Hahh, you should read first :D I think I will go with the one month dailies after I ran out from the 4 months, it fits into the back pocket of my Filofax. If I start to hate, that it is not an insert, I can cut it out and punch.
3. Business planner: A5 Filofax Malden. Monthly and weekly. Monthlies are not for appointments (because I don't have business appointments :)), but deadlines, planning working times, projects. Statistics, infos, etc in this planner.
4. Your best year 2016 Creative Business Planner. I started to read and fill out this planner for goal setting in my business. I placed the pages into my Filofax Clipbook, without it's monthly and weekly planning pages, I printed out my own monthlies. I can move the actual month always to the Malden.
5. My mental health is important, I will order the Powersheets, whatever it costs to me...
6. Daily Greatness Business Planner


Last times I'm lost, what I should do, how my time should be organized. I'm a lot angry with my kids, I'm impatient. I decided, I work in December as few as possible, and spend more time with the kids and finding out what I want and at the end of course, I plan my next year. One question is if I want to write this blog and filming youtube further? On which level? As I see, I can't and want to be a "professional" planner. Too much planning in blogging is not for me, I'm more emotional. If I want write, I write, sometimes to find/make a nice picture for a blog post would be a setback in the way, so I have decide: will be a not so perfect blogpost, or there will be no? I say yes for the notsoperfect :) I hope you too!
I leave at the end, why I started to write this post at all. I got a comment here on the blog, where someone says thanks for me, and I got also a comment on YouTube on a video of mine. You might laugh: two comments can make you happy? And yes, from comments I know, writing this blog makes sense!

I'm say Hello for you. Do you hear me? Do you want me to continue?


  1. A blogvilág haldoklik, legalábbis ha a kommenteket nézed. A kommentek manapság már csak lájkok és kattintások - sajnos. Nagyon sok, egyébként állati sokak által olvasott blogokon látom, hogy szinte az összes poszt csak monológ, nincs visszajelzés... Szóval ha ezt tudod vállalni lélekben, akkor igen, részemről egy nagy léccikérlekfolytasd:))

    1. Nagyon kommentfüggő vagyok, jobban motivál a dejótírtál, deszépet kötöttél visszajelzés, mint akármilyen pénz-bevétel. Persze, a statisztikán is látszik, ha van forgalom, de akkor is :)
      A blogokhoz azt hiszem egész más a hozzáállásom, mint a mostani általános, én még a nagy hősidőkben kezdtem blogolni, tizenikszéve, amikor még szinte csak személyes blogok voltak, alig valami feature. Sok komment és viszajelzés.

  2. Why don't you blog about how your life intersected with your planning system - without giving us private details, you could say what your wins and misses were for the week in planning, even if you just didn't like the way the pen scratched over the paper, as I think that's where most of us are at: Where do you put this info? How do you keep track of that particular thing? I have reminders for doctors and tax people who sent lists of what to bring. Cluttering up planner pocket. So I started a tickler file. That kind of thing. Just an idea. I love your blog and you tube!

  3. I have always appreciated your blog posts here! English is my first language, and reading your translation makes the meaning of your thoughts come through very clear to me. I read many blogs about planning (not so much decorating, but PLANNING!) and you have moved me to make my first comment ever! Best wishes to you for making the decision moving forward with what works Best for You

  4. I quite enjoy reading your blog. You give some wonderful insight into planning and given me some good ideas to try out. I do hope you keep up the blog even if it isn't about planning. I like your thought process and the way you present your thoughts.

    1. Sorry for the late answer, I really enjoyed my holiday, and kept my online life in minimum! I will back tomorrow with a new post! :)

  5. I do enjoy your posts! Yes two comments would make me happy as well. So as long as this blog is enjoyable for you to do, then please continue.

    1. I'm so thankful all of your supportive answers! I will continue :)