Planning or not planning? This is the question!

This is not really a question. I have to answer with yes. But why I ask it then?
I started planning when I realised I have ADD for 1.5 years ago. Things aren't going very well then. I forgot to go to doctor. I didn't found school related informations. I had no idea, what will happen in the school and when. It was shameful, but it was not so bad. I didn't cared too much about it. It hurted when it happened, but it happened not every day. I'm forgetful, what can I do? I lived like this.
Than I started to use a Filofax, and the life changed. I have a place for my information, I knew where to write stuff happened somewhen in the far future. I started to thinking with conscious and not just swimming with the tide. And after so long time I realized it hurts me. It hurts, because I know a lot about planning, about time management. I just can't to make it right. I procrastinate. I make the same mistakes again and again. I feel guilt. I spend a lot of time preparing me to doing something. What I do or maybe not at the end.

I'm now in a state, that I feel myself worst as before planning time. I changed, I know, I can't go back to that time, when I can just don't care about. Letting planning is not an option. I have to find a way to be more forgiving to myself. Thinking on the fact when I plan, that I have ADD, so I'm not like others. I can't correspond myself to others. This is hard.


  1. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this way. I don't know if I have ADD, but I have the same experiences and feelings you describe. Your blog is a big inspiration to me, and your words comfort me. <3