How to build your perfect planner system? Week 6: Make your first reviews

How was going with planning? Hard to find the best way, isn't it? Don't worry, keep trying other structures. (If you didn't done yet, read the last post here.) Today is time to take a look on what happened on the last week.

What is a review?

Shortly: checking what you accomplished and what not. Decide what you have to do next. You can download my printable review checklists here.

Daily review

You have to make it every day. The ideal way would be to make it at the evening, but some (as I) make it at the morning. Planning takes time. But also save too. Schedule a planning session for every day! 15-30 minutes, you will see how much you need.
What to do?
  • Take a look into your calendar, what appointment will you have? You might prepare something for it. Block out this times in your daily schedule. If you need to travel, block out the traveling time too! I make it like this:

Out blocked time helps you to decide how much tasks you can plan for the day.
  • Check yesterday. What tasks aren’t finished? Copy it. You don't have to move them for the next day, decide, when you want or have opportunity to make them.
Higlighted tasks are done, x-d are cancelled, marked with arrow is moved forward.

  • Check your weekly plan. What tasks are what you want/must do today? Write on your task list. 
  • Clean up your inbox. What should I write here? You know, what to do. If not, read it here
  • Make the plan. If you schedule your tasks, make it now. You don’t have write task by task to the schedule, you can write also “bigger” things, as email, work, calls, etc. 
  • Set reminders for appointments. If you tend to forget to leave, use a calendar on your phone (I use Google Calendar), and set reminders. You can set for your working sessions too if you wish. 
I took a video once how I did my daily review. Watch it here.

Weekly review

  • Schedule for it 30-60 minute weekly. When? Friday evening or at the weekend - if you have possibility for concentrate work or Monday morning. 
  • Clean up your inbox if it not cleaned yet. 
  • Check your Friday as by the daily routine. 
  • Check your weekly planner - decide what to do with the unfinished things. Move them, cancel them or move to someday section. 
  • Check your monthly planner. What have you planned for this week? 
  • We didn't talked before recurring tasks (coming soon :)), but it is on the downloadable print out… Write these tasks into your days (like Monday: laundry, Wednesday shopping) 
  • Tracking list: coming soon. :) If something generate a task here, write it to the weekly tasks. 
  • Check your calendar. What deadlines you have? Write appointments to the daily pages. You can do it now, for the whole week, or on daily basis. When you write all at the same time you can better plan your week, you see, on what day you have more time to do your stuff. 
I took a video once how I did my weekly review. Watch it here.

If you make it regularly you will never miss a task you wanted but not done.

Homework for next week

Make your first weekly review as soon as possible. Schedule time for the next today. Do your daily reviews from now every day! Don’t forget to schedule time for it. You might write down how much time you need.

Next part: Values

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in comment! Share your experiments in our Facebook group, and get more help!  

Find here the whole series.

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