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I'm wondering how weird is the life. I suffered the last time from the chaos of my life. No wonder, that I started this blog! I'm learning about planning, time management, work efficacy since little more than one year and I practise to use planner. It is more better, but I'm not satisfied with my life.

I started to thinking

What is not good in my life?
What I'm realized:
  • It is too much stuff in our flat.
  • Our place is extremely unorganized.
  • I have a lot of not finished tasks.
  • I'm stressed.
  • I have problems with my back, and I have often headache.
  • I have no patience for my family.
  • I have to change my life now. 
What should I do? I decided to start a "declutter" project and bringing more balance into my life.
  • My work is more a hobby as a financial source, so I will pay less attention for it until I didn't brought my life back to normal shape. I will concentrate to make my life healthier. I will work too, if I have time and will for it.
  • Make a list about what is important in my life. 
  • Set up a goal list for this year.
  • Step by step sort out everything in our flat.
  • Make a todo list for home and work with every unfinished projects.
  • I'm trying not to start new projects. 
  • Learn more about decluttering, time management.
  • More exercises: swimming, walking, yoga, pilates, every day.

The life pulls back

I started the life-changing project, but it is going very hard, because I fell into a situation, when I have to make a big project very quick. So little steps and very few planning, not like I wanted. But I see the end already! I have to knit a lot for this project, and I came to the idea: I could learn from audio books in this time!

And the funny thing: you find what you need

I started to check my Amazon book wish list, what is available also as an audiobook? At the same time someone mentioned in the Giftie Etcetera Facebook group the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever". I started to read it. It is about how to declutter your home. Exactly what I wanted to do.
Than as I browsed on the Audible, I found the "Happiness project", what I can read with my ears... It is about that the writer is not unhappy, but even she is not happy but want to be, so she starts this happiness project. Some elements are the same, what I plan: make your life clutter free, and get better relationship with your family. I'm in chapter 4 maybe and I sometimes no mood to hearing it, it gives me too much to thinking about.
So yesterday I went back to my "Watch later" Youtube list, full with planner videos. I love to look them, even if they are sometimes boring, because I heard the same things 1000 times before, but I always learn something new or get a new idea. And on a list was a video about the 7 minutes life daily planner. It looked very interesting, a little bit other as usual, so I searched what it is? I found the homepage and started to read about the system. Downloaded every free material, read it through, and I'm watching the related videos on Youtube. (I'm created a list with them.) This is a time management system. What is all about? Find out what is important in your life. Create goals (for 90 days). Make doable actions from them. Plan it, do it.
3 so different things. Tidying. Happiness. Time management. But for me, now is this the same thing. Take a look on my list, what I planned for the rest of the year. And take a look what the books are saying I have find. I knew the solutions before! These books strengthen me only on that, that I'm on the right way.

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